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Forward Curve Fans

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Backward Curve Fans

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can. With the largest range of premium brands available in the Australian market we can source your component locally or suggest a suitable alternative. We can also source components for a broad range of overseas suppliers for those tricky fans and motors you cant get parts for locally.
Yes you can. This often helps us help you identify a suitable replacement or alternative. Where possible, upload through our Contact Us page a photo of your unit, your part and most importantly, any part numbers that are visible. We may then ask you to confirm some dimensions.

No, generally speaking goods bought through must be installed by licensed HVAC, refrigeration or, where electrical components are concerned, a licensed electrician. Goods installed without the help of qualified professional will unfortunately void warranty and we will ask you for the installers details as part of our claims process.

We are committed to honouring all Australian consumer protections under Australian Consumer Law. If you are unsure whether your part is a direct replacement for your existing, please confirm with us prior to purchase.

We may on occasion hold your funds until we can confirm that your goods are able to be despatched in a timely fashion. Where goods have become unavailable we may offer a suitable alternative to get you moving or release your payment back to you.

In some instances, goods may be temporarily out of stock for circumstances beyond our control. In these cases we will contact you to arrange an alternative component or provide a refund.

We Carry a Huge Range of Leading HVAC Brands


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